What to Expect


In our first appointment we will go through a thorough intake process, looking into past and present conditions, family history, lifestyle, etc. The important thing to remember is that even if it doesn't seem like it relates to the current condition the body is very complex and knowing the whole picture gives us a better understanding and can better assess the situation. 


We will also take time to go through a physical assessment where we examine various areas of the body, pressing on areas of the stomach, neck, hands and feet as well as feeling the pulse. This allows your body to tell the story of what is going on.


The needles that we use are sterile, disposable and very thin. Upon insertion of the needle there is the possibility that the patient will feel a warming sensation or a feeling of dullness, heaviness and occasionally an ache-ness. All of these sensations are quite normal and often are good indication of how the body is responding to the treatment.

Suggestions for your first visit


  • It is important to have eaten sometime before the appointment. The concept behind it is that acupuncture works with the energy that your body currently has and so being nourished to provide that energy is essential for a productive session.

  • Please bring a pair of shorts and loose fitting short sleeve shirt to wear during the treatment. We work with the whole body so it is important to be able to access all areas.

  • Please fill out the medical intake form before coming to the first session. This will save us time and allows us to get a sense of you, your history and condition.


I look forward to helping you and bringing you relief.

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